Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I want to forget it, but he won't go away

I want to forget all about South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, but I can't. He just keeps talking. He should be called Mark "Too Much Info" Sanford. The guy just keeps churning out the details of his affair with an Argentinean woman.

Today, he's sharing the number of times he saw his mistress. When he initially announced his unfaithfulness to his wife, he inadvertently provided too low of a number. I say inadvertently, because someone who is confessing surely wouldn't lie on purpose. Would they?

I know we're a society of over sharing (I'm blogging. I speak from personal experience), but his over shares make me feel sorry for his family. The governor initially announced he made a mistake by being unfaithful to his wife and they are working to repair their marriage. 

Maybe the governor feels he has to provide details of his affair to save his own political skin, but I disagree. Others before him, lay out the basic facts and move on. He is not doing that. 

In today's installment of As the Palmetto State Turns, Sanford shares intimate details about the meetings with his mistress. He details how one encounter involved coffee while others involved sex. The best one involved an in-person meeting to break up. The mistress, Sanford and a spiritual advisor met in New York for church and dinner. 

I was shocked when he ventured into uncharted territory for a politician caught with his pants down. He explains the relationship with the mistress was more than a mere affair. He called his story with the mistress "a love story."

During an interview at his Statehouse office on Tuesday, Sanford said he's trying to fall back in love with his wife, according to The Associated Press.

Another jewel from the AP story:  He said that during the encounters with other women he let his guard down with some physical contact but didn't have sex with another woman. He didn't really go into detail (thank goodness), but did mention that some events began with a dance. "If you're a married guy at the end of the day you shouldn't be dancing with somebody else," he told the AP. 

These recent stories make me feel sorry for Mrs. Sanford and his children. His statements make it sound like he is in love with the mistress and not his wife. If he's trying to do the right thing, maybe he should be honest about his feelings. Could his spiritual counselor step up on this front and help him out? And, maybe he should just stay busy working on state matters and on his marriage.

I think Sanford should resign over this whole mess. It has nothing to do with sex, unless he had sex while he was AWOL from South Carolina. Governors are supposed to lead, not vanish. He left the state without a leader and left his staff blowing and lying in the wind. 

I get that some people don't want him to leave office, because they don't like the lieutenant governor. That's politics. 

What I don't get is how Sanford believes he is being a better person by suffering as a fallen, broken hearted governor in the public eye. While it may make him feel better to confess to the AP, it seems like he is hurting his family by these interviews. Maybe he should save the candor for the state investigations that is under way about his travel expenses? Or, he can save it for a "fall from grace" book.


  1. I agree that he's hurting his image and mostly his family. If I were his wife and he told the world that his lover was his soul mate but he was trying to fall back in love with me (his wife), I'd tell him to get out and don't let the door hit him on his way out. Then I'd change the locks.

    But as to whether he should resign, I leave that up to the people of S. Carolina. (And, actually, the kicking out part is left up to the wife.)

    Straight From Hel

  2. I think he figured out one day too late to quit talking.


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