Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is this your first summer here?

It's been toasty here in Del Rio. Like many places in Texas, the weather has been in the triple digit range for several weeks. The weather is haywire when you get giddy at a high of 98.

After about 10 days of the heat wave, I vowed to quit talking about the weather. I discovered not talking about the weather is very similar to how one loses weight. It requires a lifestyle change. It's not a fad. It takes effort to change the way to live and breathe the weather.

I have tried several different strategies to ignore the weather:
1. Don't focus on the numbers. With the Texas winds, walking outside feels like an opening the oven door anyway. Does it really matter if it is 98 or 105?

2. Smile Politely. Someone else may make small talk about the weather, but I don't have to talk about it. I can use a strategy I learned years ago when taking customer complaints. Just listen. Don't talk.

3. Change the subject. After someone begins talking about the weather, I'll redirect the conversation to something completely different. "Did you see those flowers in bloom?" I'll warn you discussions about plants may open up the "I've got allergies" can of worms. Of course, the great thing is that you are not talking about the weather.

While I haven't been 100 percent successful, I have discovered new conversations growing from my aversion to weather-related topics. My success rate has been more like 70 percent. The problem is that I don't mind striking up a conversation with someone and one of my worn out jokes involves the heat.

Someone inevitably asks me is this my first summer in Del Rio. It is not, but it is the hottest in my two-summer existence in Texas. "What do you think about the heat?"

"It's great," I say. "To, me Hell would be a cold place."

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  1. Those of us who have lived in Texas for more years than cactus, you just have to focus on the good things about the heat. Like, making home-made ice cream. In order to keep it from melting and going to waste, you must eat a lot and eat it fast.

    Straight From Hel


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