Monday, October 5, 2009

Book rattles and settles me

I recently searched for the book The Girl in the Orange Dress by Margot Starbuck at a bookstore. I couldn't find it. Disappointed, but knowing there are alternative methods I searched online. It arrived in my mailbox along with my city tax bill.

After a day and a half (there were a few interruptions like work and sleep), I finished the book. Starbuck shared her story of adoption, relationship, faith and her unwavering smile. The smile was sort of the pasted on kind. She tried to give the appearance that everything was OK. She really did a marvelous job of holding things together by her own account. The reality is that she had a lot of issues about her relationships with her growing number of parents - those who chose her and those who didn't.

Starbuck's search for faith and "a father who does not fail" challenged me as a reader, because throughout her search she is surrounded by a Christian community - college, friends, churches, seminary and faith-based programs.

To be immersed in faith (and church) and to still have these issues, rattled me. Her honesty about how she struggled and dealt with the issues, settled me.

(Initially, I thought the information about my purchase of the book seemed silly here. After doing a search of today's news about the new FTC rules about reviews (it's up to you whether you deem this one or not) -- it's good to point out that I bought the book from my personal piggy bank.)

Now, off to something completely different ... The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. (Dear FTC - I borrowed this one from a friend).


  1. So many books that I've not heard of - here's two from you. So much I missed before the Internet!

    Straight From Hel

  2. Thank you for your review! Will be looking into both books you mention! I especially loved your disclaimer to the FTC!

  3. It took me longer than normal to read the Guernsey book. I didn't want it to end!


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