Monday, October 5, 2009

Healthcare reform equals good economy

As a layman, I know health care reform is good for one's health. If people are able to visit the doctor knowing they are covered financially, they are more likely to seek care.

Now, President Obama said it's good for the economy. He made the statements in his Saturday radio and Internet address. The Washington Times as a report here.

I'm no economist, so I don't understand all he intricacies of this. I do know that health care coverage often is a key factor in how people make decisions. How many people say, "I work for the insurance." How many more people say, "I provide the insurance coverage for our family."

People often take jobs based solely on the insurance coverage. People often avoid going to the doctor, because they know one medical visit without coverage can doom them with a life of pre-existing conditions noted on health insurance applications.

As unemployment skyrockets, people are looking at ways to go into business for themselves. A huge roadblock is health insurance.

I've had to get a personal policy before. You have to fill out tons of paperwork and show the paper trail of coverage. (Note: When you leave a job, those certificates of coverage are very important). The cost isn't the best. The coverage is adequate. My personal experience is fairly benign, because I'm in good health. A person with on-going medical conditions are in a pickle.

The president says that health care reform could stimulate the economy, because people would be able to begin small business ventures. These businesses would create jobs and pay salaries and taxes. (Well, the recent report that a large percentage of Americans don't pay taxes is a separate story).

I understand the naysayers clearly. We have a huge unemployment rate. Millions of real people are out of work and can't seem to find work. How will health care reform help the economy?

I say it's a non-traditional route, needs to be done anyway and why not give it a try.

I know probably not the most sound reasoning, but you know I'm tired of hearing terrible stories. You know the ones where someone has insurance and they can't get service, because the company figures out a way to not pay for the service or change the copay. When people express outrage (or the media gets involved), suddenly the patient's treatment is covered or at minimum affordable. It all sounds fishy - like that scary R-word politicians are throwing around - rationing.

I want to see reform in my lifetime. There are millions of people who need access to medical care. So, for just a brief spell, I will dream of a world where health care reform equals a good economy.


  1. I can't imagine a better voice to hear in the debate on healthcare than your voice. Thank you for the information and for your hard-earned, articulate perspective.

  2. I think I'll dream with you. As a small business owner I am finding it very difficult to get affordable insurance for my family. I was actually declined because of kidney stones that I had during pregnancy. I hope that the reform that we encounter in our lifetime isn't just another load of crap tied in a pretty ribbon. I'll keep reading and dreaming wit you.


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