Thursday, December 10, 2009

New study shares impact of caregiving

A new caregiving report tells us what we already knew: Caregiving is a juggling act. The "2009 Caregiving in the U.S.A." study commissioned by the national Alliance for Caregiving was released on Dec. 8. The report was in collaborations with the AARP and funded by MetLife Foundation.

The report found that the average caregiver is a 49-year-old woman. The juggling act occurs every day as these woman face arriving to work late or having to take time off to be a caregiver. "For a fifth of caregivers, the demands were so intense they had to take a leave of absence from work," according to Cynthia Ramnarace's report on the study.

Ramnarace's report on the study highlights some of the statistics and realities of today's caregiver. Barbara McVicker, who is author of Stuck in the Middle and is @barbaramcvicker on Twitter, is also quoted in the report.

With the increasing age of Americans, caregiving issues will only become more of a hot button topic with employees, employers and families. Some people choose to leave the workforce altogether — creating a void in some fields. Others just keep on juggling their responsibilities with the help of family, paid caregivers and health care facilities.

Caregiving is both demanding and rewarding. Whether you are one now or may be on in the future, this new study offers a good starting point for a family conversation. What will you do when a loved one needs a caregiver?

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