Thursday, December 31, 2009

What's your top story of 2009?

It's New Year's Eve and I'm trying to catch up -- on tons of things not just blogging. I seemed to go lights out in November. I woke up in early December, but never seemed to make it back. That really needs to change in 2010.

Today, I'm sorting through all the reviews of the last year 2009 and the last decade the zeros or whatever it's being called. There were some really crummy events that occurred in both time spans. A lot of bad things happened around the world and in our nation. There were plenty of positive stories, but the dark and dangerous stories tend to captivate our attention long-term.

I never have figured that one out. We all claim to want positive news, but its the really crappy news that sticks in our head. "First baby of the new year" is most often overlooked for the "Carjacking on Main Street" headline.

The AP's annual poll came up with several stories for 2009 I can agree with No. 1 -- The economy. Despite trillions of tax dollars, we still hemorrhaged jobs, banks failed and stocks faltered. It seems like the economy is working to right itself (if we haven't shored it up with more bubbles). I'll keep my fingers crossed.

No. 2 is Obama's inauguration. I agree that was a great day, but I think the struggles after that historic day might make for a better top story. I've lost count of all the tasks on his to do list such as save the economy, create jobs, regulate the banking industry, save the auto industry, patch up the health care system, fight terrorists and oh yeah, work out two wars. It makes me get out of breathe just typing all of that up. And, it's not a complete list. There is so much to do.

No. 3 is health care reform. I'm hoping that one works out in 2010. We need it.

After the No. 3 item, I get a little fuzzy with the AP's list. It continues with the auto industry, swine flu, Afghanistan, Michael Jackson's death, Fort Hood Rampage, Edward Kennedy's death and Miracle on the Hudson.

It's all a personal preference, but I think the Fort Hood Rampage and the Miracle on the Hudson should be a lot higher.

What is your top story from 2009 or fromt he decade?

I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

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