Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Kick Ass: I looked away

Violent movies aren’t my thing. I could barely watch the movie trailer for the new Nightmare on Elm Street. I can’t remember what version or number it is in the series, but I didn’t dare look at it. For those in the movie, you don’t dare fall asleep or “Freddy” or whatever the guy’s name is will get you!

Having said that — I watched the movie Kick Ass and it was brutally violent.
It’s about everyday people — teens and a father and daughter — who transform themselves into super heroes.

I read the rating explanation before I went to the theater. I understood there would be violence. The R-rating very clearly stated: “R:Strong brutal violence throughout, language, sexual content, nudity & drug use — involving children, 118 min.”

“It’s supposed to be funny,” I told my friend Julie.

We saw the movie Date Night the day before. Our options for a Friday matinee were slim. Her boyfriend wanted to see one of the other movies playing, so we couldn’t see that comedy. The rest didn’t capture our interest.

“Surely they don’t show it,” I told Julie.

We went and sure enough they did show the violence. My eyes were glued to the screen about two-thirds of the time. The story was very good. I just didn’t like the violence. Did I think it was too much? Yes. Did I watch it? No.

For one-third of the movie, I had one hand over my eyes with my head down. The other hand was rubbing my baby belly. I’m not sure if I just got tense or just became uncomfortable in those chairs, but I don’t think Enzo liked being at an R-rated violent movie with his mom.

The only saving grace for the violence was the music. I knew almost instantly when to look down and when I could return to the screen — all based on the musical cues that followed the action.
I only bring this up, because despite not seeing a third of it — I really liked this movie. I couldn’t sit through it a second time, but it was an interesting story.

A high school student with no super powers decides to become a super hero; because he’s tired of being robbed on the street by criminals and seeing other people just look away. Instead of just “existing,” he decides to do something.

My aversion to violence has made me miss many films. I’ve never watched No Country for Old Men despite its local connection to Del Rio. I love the tagline for this movie: “Violence and mayhem ensue after a hunter stumbles upon some dead bodies, a stash of heroin and more than $2 million in cash near the Rio Grande.”

I’m told the sudden violence in that movie would probably put me over the edge. The moral of the story is “don’t pick up anything in the desert.” I can get that without seeing a lot of people die in grisly ways.

I compared Kick Ass to my movie experience with The Last Samurai. I only watched the samurai film, because my late husband couldn’t read the subtitles and I had to play interpreter. I’m glad I watched it too, because it was a moving story.

My movie habits won’t change, because twice in a six-year span I have suffered through violence to catch a good storyline. I lean more toward comedies, romantic comedies and crying dramas.
I might consider a movie, if I hear it has an interesting story despite the R-rating for “strong brutal violence throughout.” But, we’ll just have to see how courageous I feel that day.