Monday, January 3, 2011

Ah 15 minutes and 20 cars

People were downright giddy before it began snowing on Dec. 30, 2010 in Colorado Springs.  Snowfall has been minimal this season. I'm new to the area, so I thought Mother Nature was being kind to this Georgia native.

The snow quickly turned roads into an icy mess. As evidence of this video captured by Ian Smith, a college student. He filmed and narrated — with a little profanity and a lot of shock at the pure chaos — as some 20 cars slipped and slid down a street.

Despite the number of vehicles crunched together at the top and bottom of the hill, drivers continued to travel up and down the street. Most were not successful. The video is clear evidence of that.

This citizen journalist was interviewed by lots of local and national media outlets. I should have known the pile up was national when I began getting text messages like "Were you near that crash?"

According to an article in The Gazette newspaper, Smith is also trying to promote his music due to all the attention. We are living in a "reality TV" world. He graduates from college in April. Hopefully, his 15 minutes will give him an edge in the job market.

Anyone watching the video, most likely will wince in pain. There was nothing anyone could do, but literally let their vehicles take the crashes from all the new vehicles trying to climb or travel down the hill.

If anyone needs proof that we are not fully in charge of our lives, watch the video again. It didn't matter if you had four-wheel, all-wheel or front-wheel drive. It was all pretty useless against the elements — at least on this day.

Safe driving. I plan to do my part and stay home when it snows.

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