Friday, January 21, 2011

Can won't be taken out with the trash

I should be embarrassed, but I am not. Some people say it is broken, but I do not.

This trash can once served as my clothes hamper. Then, it returned to its intended purpose as a garbage can when my husband and I joined our households 1,451 miles away from our "dating state."

When we combined our households, it broke. I'm not sure when or how. The silver rod mechanism which opens the lid through the foot pedal broke. You could tap you foot on that pedal all day, but it wouldn't work.

It didn't strike me to mention this to relatives when they visited. We had one batch and no one mentioned it. Maybe they were trying to be polite. A second batch of relatives visited and my brother-in-law mentioned it. "Your garbage can doesn't work," he said.

Simple and sort of true, I thought. "It does work," I laughed at him as I opened the lid with my hand. Sure the foot pedal didn't work, but lifting the lid certainly did.

We could buy a new one, but it's not a priority. There was a discussion before our last move about whether we should trash it or not. We decided to keep it. The can sat in storage with our household belongings for four months.

When we moved into our new home, the can still worked. You just lift the lid.

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