Monday, January 31, 2011

No binkie: It's tough on everyone

We tried to go cold turkey, but I've slipped a few times.

Several weeks ago, I picked up the baby book again.

Ignorance is bliss. I didn't realize I was doing anything wrong until I read the book.

Did you know that my son should have dropped his pacifier months ago? The book outlined all the problems he could face, if he kept the binkie.

So, I told my husband. "We need to stop giving it to him."

We had become as attached to the wonderful Soothie as Enzo. He cried before bed. It stopped with the insertions of the Soothie. He cried in church. Stopped with the Soothie. It worked every where we went. We had spare Soothies just in case we lost one or we needed a clean substitute for one that rolled across the parking lot.

On the first night, Enzo cried 23 minutes before he fell asleep. It seemed like a really long time that's why I kept track.

Enzo was fast asleep, but my bliss was shattered by the book. I discovered I was putting him to bed too late and feeding him too much throughout the night. So, in addition to taking away the binkie, I also weaned him off feedings in the middle of the night. That first night was a long one as I left soothing him without food or the binkie. My crying son is proof that no, he doesn't believe me when I say, "Don't worry sweetie. It's OK."

I succeeded two out of three times. My son was very upset. I wanted to cry. My husband needed to sleep. So, I gave Enzo the binkie once in the early morning hours.

The next night, he cried around 33 minutes before he drifted off to sleep for the entire night. I didn't get up once.

The third night had mixed results. I caved in once and gave him the binkie. It didn't stop his crying, so I took the binkie away. I haven't used it since.

I have noticed an improvement each day. Enzo tends to sleep longer, but hasn't reached that magical 12 hours of sleep a night-mark referred to in the book. We're getting there slowly, so I think I'll put the book away.

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