Thursday, January 13, 2011

Status updates before murder?

Recently, there were two deaths. The news articles indicate it was a murder-suicide. The reporters did all the standard reporting. They searched public records including property ownership and police reports. They spoke to neighbors and friends.

They also did what is part of the new standard. They searched Facebook.

Initial reports talked about the condolences posted on the woman's Facebook page. Then. They reported on the woman's final post.

Her status:  "just walked in on my husband in bed with another woman. Real nice."

The post is relevant to the crime, because it was posted at 3:10 p.m. and the 911 call about shots fired at the home was made less than 30 minutes later.

Maybe I missed the report where it mentions that another woman was in the home. It just made me wonder if the wife's status was true. Either way, it puts an asterisk on the husband, "a decorated Iraq War veteran" — rightfully or wrongfully. 

The whole situation is sad.

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