Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Bakerella

I'm working to reorganize my blog and decided on Thursdays, I would share my thanks to a blogger and/or Web site that has impacted my life

My first thought was of Bakerella. What can I say about those cake pops? Those cupcakes? Any recipe on her site?

I first discovered @bakerella on Twitter. One day I was downsizing my Twitter list and revisited the Web site.  I unfollowed @bakerella at that time, but signed up for the free e-mails so I would get every delicious post!

I have always had a sweet tooth, but to find the Bakerella Web site while pregnant was nothing short of a miracle. I had an urge to eat and to bake. Bakerella helped me do both.

I made the basic cake pops and almost cried. They tasted like this great "cake ball" I had been ordering from a woman in Alabama. I wrapped up the pops and sent them to my husband's office. They were devoured.

I made some Oreo truffles, but they were not devoured. I think my effort to be a little more healthy during the pregnancy by using fat-free ingredients didn't work. Lesson learned. I made them over Thanksgiving and Christmas with regular Oreos and cream cheese. They disappeared.

I also made a simplified version of some Easter cupcakes I saw on Bakerella's site.

If you want more than the Web site offers, there is also a book: Cake Pops:  Tips, Tricks, and Recipes for More Than 40 Irresistible Mini Treats.

It's difficult to go wrong with a recipe from the Bakerella site. When you make something, you just want to share it.

And, that's why I want to say thanks. The Bakerella site has provided inspiration, useful tips and many smiles for all the whimsical treats.

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  1. This sounds like a great site. Do I dare click on the link? :)



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