Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Springs Bargains

Do you see all those coupons in the newspaper and not know what to do with them? Are you looking for a good deal around town? Do you want to do something inexpensive with the family? The Springs Bargains Web site may answer all your questions.

The site says it is "Uncovering a mountain of deals in Colorado Springs." I've found that to be true. My mother used to wait for the weekly newspaper to get the grocery store inserts to make her weekly list. You don't have to do that now. Springs Bargains offers a look at deals at area grocery, big box and drug stores. It also provide deals at area restaurants and many found online.

In addition to the online version, I look for Tweets, Facebook postings and a daily e-mail.

It's interesting to see how a few coupons and a whole lot of information can provide you with food staples and toiletries at a very low cost.

I'm still a newbie at this whole coupon practice. I struggle with finding coupons that have meaning to our family — for products we use — vs. coupons trying to entice us to purchase a new product. Sites like Springs Bargains help, because it shows you how to use coupons with store specials to get a really good deal on a product.

There are links to coupon resources. Strategy and tip posts include ones like "what to make with what's on sale."

I enjoy reading posts and comments alike. The discussion often points to immediate deals such as which area Target had the best after-Christmas selection and discounts. It creates a very helpful network.

The Web site has saved me both time and money and for this I am thankful.

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