Sunday, January 16, 2011

Trying to be crafty

At first glance, it looks like a purse that's crying out for a round, bamboo handle.

It's isn't.

I had this bright idea to make rather than buy my son a new "lovie." It's one of those soft, small, cuddly blankets that helps him go to sleep. He likes to touch it to his face and then instantly falls asleep.Well, that's my dream, but the lovie does soothe him.

I found a free pattern on line on how to make one, but it requires a sewing machine. I decided the most economical way (short of breaking down and buying another one) was to dig deep into my past and crochet one.

The baby and I strolled our way into the yarn aisles at the local Jo-ann's. I didn't know what I was looking for as I touched, talked to and squeezed skeins of yarn. We chatted with a few ladies, too. I never could find a proper orange yarn to help the woman looking to make a scarf for a granddaughter.

I found a cozy yarn from Bernat. Once the baby went to bed, I began. Then, I began a second time. On my third try, I just went for it as hubby and I watched TV. I fell into the same pattern I have in the past — uneven edges. It went out. It went in. It went out again.

I stopped after more rows the next morning. I decided to wash it and see if my son likes it, before I waste any more yarn.

I also did something I should have done before I did a single stitch on my purse-shaped mess. I pulled out one of the "learn to crochet" booklets I've had for 15 years. A refresher course is always welcome. I completed a few of the exercises. My stitches weren't perfect, but they looked very similar to the pictures in the instruction book.

I hope to have a decent lovie for my son one day — maybe even before he graduates from high school.

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