Monday, February 14, 2011

Parent proofing the house

This weekend, we began our initial efforts to baby proof the house. My hubby says we could just put Bubble Wrap on everything. I know that's not possible, so we've been trying to hit the obvious spots that need corner guards, electrical outlets or cabinet closures to prevent little hands.

I posted on Twitter and Facebook asking for baby proof ideas. The couple responses I received included moving pots and pans to upper cabinets and putting non breakables low, so baby could play.

Looking at out kitchen, I never realized how many pots we have. We have a variety of latches to install on cabinet doors. We'll see how this works. We don't have enough upper cabinets to store all of our pots and pans.

I could barely contain my excitement when we found the electrical outlets above. To the left is the new outlet cover. To the right, is the old version that I feared I would have to use throughout the house. While the old covers did the job, I also feared electrocuting myself as I tried to remove them. The new outlet covers are a thousand times easier to remove. I don't believe the baby could do it, but thank goodness I can.

We purchased foam corners for the coffee table and a foam guard to place around the stones in front of the fireplace. They are sitting in place for now. I'm hesitant about putting the double adhesive or Velcro down on the stone. I'm sure I'll lose that hesitation when the baby makes a beeline for the fireplace.

Baby falls, etc. are inevitable as he begins to navigate his world inside and outside of the house, but I hope all these gadgets will help ease those falls. They make me feel better.


  1. The cool thing is that *one day* you'll be able to take those little pluggy things out of the outlets! Hang in there!


  2. I am hanging onto the baby's shirt tail at this point! We're enjoying the ride.


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