Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Read. Write. Repeat.

Last year, I read something and bought a book. I can't remember what that something was, but I have a book in my hand A Three Dog Life : a memoir by Abigail Thomas as proof. Proof that something prodded me to purchase this book.

Last week, a friend and I discussed my efforts to write a memoir about being a caregiver for my late husband. I was 30 and he was 33 when it all began. I worked and tried to live while he tried to survive in hospitals and nursing homes. As I tried to encapsulate my subject, she said, "You need to read A Three Dog Life."

I told her I would check that out. I wrote it on my "check with the library" list I have begun at my desk. This year, I decided I should utilize the library more, because there are too many unread books on my shelf.

Later, I wandered over to my bookshelf in our makeshift office/guest room. I found it on my top shelf. Aha. I remembered.

When I purchased the book, I visited Abigail Thomas' Web site. I even shared one of her writing assignments to the weekly writer's group I attended in Texas. The ladies and men stared at me. In my stages of wimpy pregnancy and short attention span, I put the book back on my shelf. It was later packed and moved several states.

Months later I rediscovered it at my friend's suggestion. I'm glad I did. The front cover includes a blurb from Stephen King, ".... This book is a punch to the heart. Read it."

It punched me in the gut as I read it. I could relate too well with her efforts to change and live following  her husband's accident. Reading her story reminded me of some details I had forgotten about mine.

Now, back to the computer to write.

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