Friday, February 4, 2011

A surprise in one border town

Look really close and you can see it? Once redeemed, these coupons are sent to an address in Del Rio, Texas.

Most people don't know about this border town on the Texas-Mexico border. My sister knew about it, because we lived there. So, when she began earnestly couponing, she noticed that many coupons are sent to Del Rio.

Del Rio is a growing. Some joked that "You don't have to go out of town as much since we got the Home Depot and the Super Wal-Mart." That was good since, it was more than a three hour drive to San Antonio. It was a long Texas drive, too.

Many people know of the community as a safer border town with Mexico. During the mild winter months, there is a growing population of Winter Texans. The summer heat can be brutal, but the winters are nice.

The town is also home to Laughlin Air Force Base, which churns out a substantial number of Air Force pilots. The good weather there offers a large number of training days.

The U.S. Border Patrol has a substantial presence there. New agents are assigned to the Mexican border, so they often end up in places like Del Rio for a few years or for their entire career.

Lake Amistad, which shares its waters with Mexico, is nationally known for its bass fishing. The number of professional tournaments seems to grow every year as more anglers discover the lake.

My sister visited, because we were there. During her last visit to help after our son's birth, she asked for one excursion. She wanted to see this address where coupons go after they are used. This was her third visit, so she had already made all the traditional tourist stops.

We missed this famous address on our first pass in the industrial park. All the metal buildings looked the same. We had to turn around and drive by a second time to find the correct building. We paused in the road and stare at it just for a second and then we left.

Life did not change that day, but it did made me smile to drive by that building with my sister. I think of that day when I see the address on coupons in the Sunday newspaper. It reminds me of the many surprises that you can find while living in towns like Del Rio, Texas.

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