Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Ah, Trader Joe's

A couple weeks ago, an article in the local paper squashed a dream — that a Trader Joe's might show up in Colorado Springs one day. Well, it definitely won't be a reality for two years anyway. The paper said the company reported Colorado wasn't in the company's two-year plan.

I sort of saw that coming. While on Christmas vacation, hubby and I stopped at a Trader Joe's in Des Moines, Iowa. We were looking for Trader Joe's Marsala and Piccata sauces. My hubby had tried to find them last fall while on a work trip to Los Angeles, but they were out.

While in Des Moines, we asked for help. The clerk investigated. She found out the sauces were discontinued. This explains it. We last purchased the sauces in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Hmm. Are you spotting a trend?

Hubby and I discovered Trader Joe's in Cary, North Carolina. Then, boy and girl move off to Texas for work and marriage. There are no Trader Joe's in Texas. None.

So, we stop at one every time we are in the neighborhood or every time we can figure out how to drive by one on a road trip. On our honeymoon, we stopped at one in Santa Fe. A work trip took us to Albuquerque. Months later, we returned to the Albuquerque store on our way to the Grand Canyon.

We hoped there would be a Trader Joe's in Colorado. Alas, there wasn't one. Then, on our way to Iowa for Christmas:  Score! We discovered there was one in Des Moines. We also considered an alternate route through Nebraska, which is home also to Trader Joe's.

The folks in Des Moines crushed our hopes for our favorite sauces and also dashed our hopes for a store in Colorado. While the local paper suggested there could be some issue about the state's alcohol sales law (grocery stores don't sell alcohol here), the Des Moines staff had a different theory. They (as in the manager and a greeter, who roamed the store) said there were distribution issues with the mountains, etc.

We would most likely complete about 80 percent of our shopping at Trader Joe's, if we could. They have reasonable prices. We are always been impressed by the quality. We are generally pleased with the Trader Joe's products. We've had about 95 percent success rate with their products. No joke!

We are thankful for Trader Joe's.

Even though it is not in our neighborhood or our state, we enjoy stopping and shopping at a store as we drive by. We regret we cannot stock up on frozen items, but we fill up on a few pantry items every time.

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