Friday, February 18, 2011

Write short

Write short.

I like that advice. I wish I had followed it more when I was a print journalist. It took me a while to realize that not every action in a city council meeting required a full story.

Since I left newspapers three years ago, a lot has changed in the number still printing and in how subscribers read.

For example today, I do not subscribe to the entire week of print editions. I get a weekend paper edition of my local newspaper. I follow the newspaper's coverage through Twitter, Facebook and a special app on my iPhone during the week.
  • With Twitter, I can see tweets about new stories and link to the newspapers Web site.
  • By hitting a like button or typing a comment, I can interact with other newspaper readers on Facebook. 
  • At the newspaper's Web site, I can answer poll questions or comment on articles. 
  • Through the newspaper's app, I can Tweet, post a link on Facebook or email the article to friend.
Reading is a lot more interactive than it used to be. I try to keep up, but sometimes am overwhelmed by the amount of information I can access through the Internet and my iPhone.

I fell in love with the 140-character Tweets when I accidentally found Twitter several years ago. Now through my list of followers, I have my own personal news feed where I find information on writing and health care issues.

I also like that Tweets make me write short.

If you are on Twitter, follow me @StacyWrites. I'll be brief. Twitter makes us all that way.

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