Monday, March 28, 2011

Good for her: Amanda Hocking gets a deal

Amanda Hocking contracted with a traditional publisher last week. She was one of many doing that including Actress Kate Winslet, but Hocking wasn't just anybody.

Hocking wrote nine books and published them as e-books. She sold around a million copies. Now, she has a four-book deal with St. Martin's Press for her upcoming series "Watersong." Reports are that bids rose above $2 million. Congratulations.

Like many other writers, I've followed the news about Hocking, ever since my friend Julie did the Internet version of "Did ya see this?"

I haven't read any of Hocking's work. She writes young adult, paranormal genre.

Her success story is great for writers. She tried to be published through traditional channels. Since that didn't work, she published e-books on her own. She's a fast writer, too. Nine books already?!

What I love about Hocking's story is that she is very grounded and realistic. On her blog, she has written a few pieces about her success. While everyone else is a flutter about her, she just wants to focus on her writing.

She wrote on March 22, before her deal with announced:
My goal has never been to be the "darling" or the "poster child" for any movement.
It's best to keep Hocking into perspective as she does.

Not every writer, who self-publishes will sell a million copies.

Not every writer, who self-publishes will land a book deal.

Not every writer, who self-publishes will be known by published authors, agents, publishers and aspiring writers.

But, when rejection letters come piling in and you think:  "I have a story to tell." It gives you hope that there is a way to share that story. Keep writing.


  1. Very true. Not every writer will become famous or wealthy. If money is all you're going for, this is the wrong industry. But it is wonderful to hear about those who have "made it."

  2. So true Helen! "If money is all you're going for, this is the wrong industry."

  3. Nice post! I'm happy for Amanda. Writing as a way to become famous and wealthy will likely lead to a rushed, awful book that no one wants to read. It's wonderful when writers find success with their work.

  4. I posted a link to Hocking's post on the deal. She has a wonderful quote about now having to explain a seven-figure deal. She's written a lot for her age.


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