Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday: @elizabethscraig

Mystery Writing is Murder.

Well, I don't know that personally, but I certainly enjoy the musings and information provided by mystery author Elizabeth Spann Craig. Her blog has been a valuable resource for me. It's not only what she writes at her blog, but it's also what she tweets @elizabethscraig.

On any given day, I may forward a dozen of Craig's Tweets to my inbox to read later. She shares a wealth of information from a variety of bloggers, writers, authors and agents. If you only followed one person on Twitter, I would say:  Follow @elizabethscraig.

I couldn't resist clicking through to a few of the links in her Tweets as I wrote this. Her blog offers a page of Twitterific Archives #1 and #2.

Oh and it gets even better.

Have you heard of the Writer's Knowledge Base. The Search Engine for Writers.

Craig says at Writer's Knowledge Base:
Besides writing I also scour the web looking for the best articles on writing. I tweet links to the content I find and add them to the collection here on the WKB so that you can find them at Google-like speed.
 There are links to hot topics like characters, settings, plot, getting published, random and popular.

I used the search box by typing in memoir and received 682 results.

Craig is a one-woman resource for writers. I'm thankful I found her on Twitter. She is extremely talented and helpful.


  1. Yes, I've learned heaps from Elizabeth Craig. She does so much for other writers I'm amazed she gets her own writing done. She's the bionic writer woman!

  2. I'll have to check her out, thanks for the post!

  3. Hi Stacy,

    Thanks for the comment. I changed my blog from poetrybookauthor to

  4. I'll check Elizabeth Craig's blog! Thanks for posting this information.

  5. Thanks for the update Anthony.
    Jennifer, I hope you enjoy.

  6. Stacy, thanks so much! I really appreciate your plug for my blog and the Twitter recommendation. Best wishes for your writing!


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