Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Huffington Post

I love Huffington Post.

I know it has a liberal tilt. When I link a story on my Facebook, all my conservative friends go berserk. I don't mean to get them riled up, but I wanted to share a story that had a point or a comment that resonated with me.

Forget the opinion pieces, the website also has loads of Associated Press and Reuters stories. I have the site's app on my iPhone, so I can scroll through multiple stories. With a few clicks, I can email, tweet or Facebook the stories.

I know some folks don't like the site. I know some writers don't like the idea that many of Huffington Post's contributors don't get paid. I know some folks don't like the idea of a news site that aggregates news from so many different sources.

I like Huffington Post, because it is a one-stop shop. The site takes the best of the newspapers  — a special section for everyone — a front page; local news; entertainment; sports; and to hot topics like divorce, unemployment and health. The site puts it all in one place that is easy to navigate, to interact and to share.

I'm grateful Huffington Post does all the heavy lifting, so I can read.

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