Monday, April 18, 2011

Agents to follow

One way I learn about literary agents is through the Guide to Literary Agents blog by Chuck Sambuchino.

Last week, the blog focused on Sambuchino's picks for the best literary agent's sites for the Writer's Digest's annual 101 Best Websites for Writers. It will be published in the May/June 2011 issue.

The Guide to Literary Agents shared them here

If you missed the list, these are the agents who made it:
    I was happy to see agents I already follow on the list and to find a few new ones. If you don't want to follow another blog, these are great to bookmark and search for information on an as needed basis. All these agents provide valuable information in their archives on the writing craft and the business side of the getting published.


    1. There's a few new ones there for me too :)
      Thanks for the links.

    2. Thanks for the heads up on the list. I hope my Writer's Digest renewal goes into effect so I won't miss the 100 Best Websites issue. It's my favorite.

      And how did you know that I was featuring Hartline Literary Agency this Friday? I've met Terry Burns (great workshop teacher), and was impressed by his friendliness. He's also the agent for a friend of mine.


    3. I get the Writer's Digest. Sweet! Thanks for letting me know about this. I will forward to getting it in May/June.

    4. I know Debbie and Angela - that's one issue not to miss. Debbie - I'll look for that feature on Friday.


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