Monday, April 4, 2011

Looking for memories

This week, I'm visiting my family in Georgia.

While the family man-handles Baby Enzo, I plan to look for some family photos to snag (with Mom's permission, of course).

I digress. Just wanted to show you why everyone wants to hold him.

After attending this program about leaving a legacy for your family, I thought photographs would be the perfect way to jog a memory and write family stories. We'll see how much I can remember or how much my mom is willing to share.

I have wanted to write a story about my Pa (grandpa Tom) since 2000, when I heard Rick Bragg speak at a newspaper conference. Bragg talked about his book All Over But the Shoutin'. Bragg made it seem so easy.

I still have the notebook I used to take notes about my Pa from a few folks. Then, my late husband was diagnosed with an aneurysm and a few months later a procedure resulted in a brain stem stroke, which left him mute and completely paralyzed. Needless to say, I dropped one story to live another that remains my memoir in progress.

We'll see what my scavenger hunt produces this week. I'm hoping for good results. Happy Writing.

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