Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Failure

We can't succeed every time. I wish I could get published every time I email a submission, but I don't.

Sometimes we fail. The pain stings, but you can try again.

I received an email last week from Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative. The News and Notes included a link to winners of the personal essay contest.

There was also a link to an article about writers envy and this video on Famous Failures.

 Tiny Lights editor Susan Bono shared this information on the winner's page:
An email from one of the contest judges took the words out of my mouth: "This selection seems to me the best in years, the best I can remember. The themes seem familiar: loss of parent, loss of child, loss of innocence, loss of virginity, discovery of wonder; but the quality of the writing, precision of language, metaphor, music, it was all exceptional. How can everything be exceptional?"
 This reminded me that we have common themes, but the writing makes the difference.

I didn't enter this contest, but hope to do so next year. The video is something to keep in mind as I write. If I get a rejection, a no response or a "who do you think you are" response, I'll just continue to study the craft and write.


  1. Stacy, the only thing worth trying when all else fails is again.

    In my life, I have come to realize that it is the unexpected that changes our lives.

    With more writing, one can only get better.

  2. I received two rejection letters this week. What helps me to keep moving forward is to always have a "plan b" in place, in case the first submission doesn't work out. It keeps me from feeling down about the rejection. I automatically submit to the next market, and the anticipation starts all over again. :)


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