Monday, May 16, 2011

Brace yourself

Last week, I got a brace for my right hand.

It could be early signs of Carpal Tunnel. It could be the side effects of carrying around an almost 24-pound boy who turns one this week. It could be that I turn 40 this week.

No matter what the reason for the pain and the brace, I still have work to do.

To take a little break from typing (so much), I'm sharing a few  posts I found last week on eBooks:


  1. I started having wrist pains, too. I bought an ergonomic keyboard and it's done wonders for my wrist! You should look into it.

  2. I've been investigating those too Heather. I'm sure my iPhone activity doesn't help either.

  3. I hope your arm feels better! Some people like to switch to software that types what they say. I don't know how it works, though.

    Thanks for the ebook links. I'm bookmarking them.


  4. Debbie, I hope it doesn't come to that. Years ago, I only wrote long hand, now it seems to fly from my fingers. I'm not sure how that would work just off the top of my head (audio) all the time. I sometimes take digital voice notes. I wonder if the software would pick up the baby in the background with his "da da. wa wa" conversation?

  5. Sure hope your hand gets better soon, Stacy! Carrying around a 24 pound boy could do it, but not turning 40 - so young still. Happy birthday!

  6. Thanks Connie. I used to work at newspapers and interviewed enough centenarians to know that a lot of life is ahead.

  7. It's defintely the baby! I've been wearing braces on both arms for the last couple months. At first I thought it was a knitting injury, but not so. It's my gigantic kid. 18 months and 30 lbs now.

  8. Dawn, When I see a kid and say, "Boy they sure look small." Andy points out that Enzo is just big! Enzo is around 24 still. He'll be 13 months on Sunday. Yikes.


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