Monday, May 2, 2011

Motivation, Focus and New ideas


I found motivation, focus and new ideas all over the place at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. I love the mix of exhaustion and revitalization after a conference.

I attended workshops on Thursday and Sunday. Later this week, I'll share a few highlights once my hand recovers from all my notes.

I helped at the pitch desk on Saturday. This was an awesome experience. Many folks were nervous  — as most are before a pitch to an agent or editor. It was nice to hear about their successes post pitch. And, I heard positive rejection stories. I know rejection is negative, but some agents and editors offered helpful advice to tweak stories or perhaps another agency to contact. Information is always positive at conferences.

One of my co-workers called the waiting room, a room of opportunity. I agree. That name could be used for the entire conference.

I laughed a few times when I heard, "Hey you're @StacyWrites from Twitter." Mainly, because my husband sort of wonders what I'm doing when I Tweet.

What's the value in Tweeting? Those casual connections made before those pitches were priceless to me. On Friday while at home, I utilized the #PPWC or #PPWC11 hash tags to follow along with comments and found writers tweeting at the conference.

By stalking, er, following the hash tag, I met new writers. Since moving to Colorado, I've found making those connections a little more difficult. This weekend helped change this and a few other things in my writing journey.


  1. So nice to hang out with you this weekend! I linked to your blog today:
    Take care!


  2. Thanks Debbie. I'll be posting about all my conference connections/stalking on Thursday. Happy Writing.

  3. I so wish I could have been there! I'll have to put it on the calendar for next year. Looking forward to hearing more about the conference.

  4. Julie, Next year is the conference's 20th year and they are planning a HUGE event. Hope to meet you there.

  5. Hi, Stacy! As someone who shook her way through the pitch rooms, thanks for being a calm presence during that time. I'm glad to have met you!

  6. Thanks Shannon. It was nice meeting you. And, I promised Mona from Arizona that I wouldn't giggle. Best of luck with your followup to your pitch session.


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