Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Conference Connections

I'm still on the Blaze the Write Trail post-conference wagon.

In addition to the great faculty at the Pikes Peaks Writers Conference, I enjoyed making connections with writers.

I giddily met Debbie Maxwell Allen. She writes Writing While the Rice Boils. I found her through the Pikes Peak Writers member directory months ago and have been grateful every day I get an email that she has a new blog post. Her blog provides "resources for writers with little time and even less money, who are on the journey to publication." She even wrote about meeting her virtual friends, including me. So sweet.

Other connections at the conference were random:

I met Mona Hodgson on my first day when I inadvertently laughed out loud at something she said about chap stick. She turned around to meet the person giggling behind her. She introduced herself at "Mona from Arizona" and I didn't forget her. She writes historical novels and children's books.

Shannon Lawrence witnessed it all as she sat next to me (the giggler). She writes at Shannon survived the A-Z Blogging challenge.

Then, right behind me was @wbterrien. She recognized me as @StacyWrites on Twitter. And, I felt like a stalker because I mentioned her two dogs that I saw on her website. 

I found several folks at the beginning of the conference by looking for the hashtag #ppwc. Turns out it was really #ppwc11.

I don't know why it gave me a little tingle to see that @FakeEditor was at the conference. Ah, to discover who tweeted from "under deep cover." Clever tweets continued throughout the conference and @FakeEditor's identity remained a secret. I'm happy to know the mystery continues.

I worked part of Saturday with Anne Randolph at the pitch desk. Oh, what fun to help funnel other writers to pitch to agents and editors. There were a lot of nervous, happy and anxious people.

I met @ianmdudley through a Tweet about conference food. Then, I got to talk with him a bit more at the final lunch as we shared a table with @BarbaraONeal about ebooks.  @patsyterrell also shared cool information at the table.

I met Ian T. Healy for a second time at the conference. In February, he shared his knowledge about writing better action scenes at a  Write Brain Session. At the conference he tweeted and I saw him in person before a pitch session. It's difficult to miss his hair. And, on Wednesday, I saw Tweets and Facebook updates that he had exciting news — he accepted a contract for Mustang Sally from New Babel Books.

Some folks I met aren't set up for blogs, Twitter and Facebook yet. I'm thankful for all the new connections I made in-person and through social media.


  1. In-person connections are probably the most rewarding part of going to conferences. So glad you had so many!

  2. Thanks Julie for being a virtual connection.

  3. Next time we'll have to spend more time together! Maybe I'll see you at a Write Brain or Springs Writers.


  4. Debbie, We'll always have our blogs!

  5. This reminds me that I need to get a Twitter account opened up. Too late tonight, but hopefully I'll remember tomorrow. I'm intrigued by this Fake Editor person, as I heard about them all through the conference.

  6. Shannon, Twitter is very useful to connect with people. I'll see you there soon.

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  8. Man, oh man, I'm jealous! Conferences sound like great places to learn, connect and grow (in the flesh, as opposed to just online).

    Stacy, your posts about your experience definitely motivate me to keep my eye out for good conferences in my area.

  9. See Elle Oh, Keep an eye out for regional or day-long conferences. In my community, there are several groups that offer free or almost free ($5 a session) workshops on craft, etc. They are a great way to educate yourself, connect with others and refresh.

  10. Hey, Stacy!

    I, too, am bedazzled by all of the great new connections I made at PPWC - you included! And no worries - I haven't seen you drive by the house so I know you're not stalking me (hee hee).

    See you in cyberspace and hopefully in person again soon!

  11. Wendy, You are correct. I haven't been driving by your house. :)


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