Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday: For Son - Who Turns 1

My son Enzo arrived one year ago today. After months of waiting, swollen feet, hours of labor and an unexpected C-section, our little guy appeared.

We are blessed — he's healthy. On most days, he's happy. He laughs. He giggles. He tries to get into drawers, boxes and bowls. He's determined. He sleeps well. His baby death grip rivals the Incredible Green Hulk.

The most common question about Enzo is: "Where did you get that name?"

My response:  "He's named after a dog in a book. A very noble dog ..." I typically trail off at about this time, because the person who asked has moved on and I've just realized it.

For the record, he's named after Enzo, the main character in Garth Stein's The Art of Racing in the Rain. A great book. Here's the book trailer.

Andy and I listened to the audio version of the book on the way to the Grand Canyon. We had a girl's name picked out. Andy jokingly chose "Festus" as a potential boy's name. The book and Enzo hooked us both.

Now, we love our real Enzo —

I wrote an explanation for Enzo about his name in January 2010.

Here it is:

Your Name
By That Lady Who's Always With You 

It happens to all of us.

We don’t get along or we step on someone’s toes.
Before we know it, we’re nose to nose.

Then our name gets flipped,
And we become unzipped

Don’t fret we planned ahead,
So your face doesn’t have to turn red.

We thought about a special name,
That would not be lame.

A name so great,
It would be hard to berate.

Dad originally called you Festus,
Which sounds like asbestos.

He also suggested David or Dave,
Which is like your uncles who are fun and behave.

While on a trip to a great big hole,
We listened to a story and developed a goal.

We named you Enzo after a dog in a book,
Because he was just off the hook!

Others tried to persuade us,
With their lists and fuss.

Mr. Mike picked out a name,
That would bring you no shame,
Especially when you arrived in a Texas bar and exclaimed:
“Hi, I’m Rio Sam.”

 Friends suggested we call you Paxton, Andy, Billy Joe Bob or Sean
But those names left us with a yawn.

Uncle Scott tried to think of something clever,
But when he spoke, Mom said, “Whatever!”

So you have the name Enzo Christian Jensen,
We promise it was a well thought out decision.

Enzo means ruler of the house,
And we suspect you will be for many, many years.
We certainly don’t expect you to be a louse.

No matter what background —
Whether it’s Italian or Spanish —
We hope you like the sound.

Now, one day you might not like it.
You may even have a fit.

Especially, when you discover it’s a pain,
To find your name on a souvenir key chain.

We’ll go ahead and warn you,
We found only one thing with your name before you were born — 
it was red and had a shine, 
it was a bottle of wine.

 Jan. 13, 2010

Today and every day, I am thankful that my husband Andy and Enzo came into my life.


  1. What a blessing to have a baby. My father told me "if there is anything sweeter than a baby, Jesus took it back to heaven with him".

    I enjoy your writings so much.

    Diane Thomas

  2. Thanks Diane. I think your father was right.

  3. Oh my goodness he is adorable! I love the name. I read the book and Enzo makes a wonderful namesake. He's a lucky boy!

  4. Thanks Julie. We feel pretty lucky to have him.

  5. What a sweet poem. And Enzo is a total cutie. Frankly, I love the name Enzo!

  6. Thanks Helen. I agree — I think he's a total cutie too!


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