Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thankful Thursday: iPhone

Yesterday I misplaced my iPhone. I searched for a few minutes. Stopped and went to my computer. I logged into my "Find my iPhone." Within a few seconds, it showed my phone at my home address. I sent a message to my phone with a beeping noise.

I ran downstairs — no noise.

I went to the garage and heard a beeping noise in my car. The phone was hidden in a black floorboard mat. The locator saved me a frantic trip back to JCPenney.

I know there are some people who can't live without their iPhones. Some days, I fall into that category, but on other days I fall into the I make the most of it category.

I use it to Facetime with my sister or my husband when one of us are away. I take instant videos and pictures to send to family. I read blogs, respond to emails or post Tweets and Facebook status updates.

I use apps in a variety of ways. I read a number of news sources. I have children's books to amuse my son. I have learning apps from my time as a reading tutor. The alarm is a great way to remind myself to set out pizza dough or that I need to leave for an appointment. The note app is used multiple times throughout the day to jot down ideas or write short lists.

I use the Safari internet often. We're watching a TV show and I want to know more — I look it up. Someone from my hometown dies and I can't figure out if I know them, I search for an obit online.

I use it as a regular phone, too. I enjoy the speaker feature so my son can hear his grandparents and other family member's voices.

My life would be fine without an iPhone, but I'm thankful I have one.

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