Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Twitter

Two years ago, I didn't know what to do with a Tweet.

Today, I'm loving the process of trying.

I like Twitter, because:
  • It forces me to edit and revise to get my point across.
  • I can connect with people I know.
  • I exchange ideas with folks on politics. Some points we agree on and others we agree to disagree.
  • I meet new people.
  • I can find information about writing, books and the publishing industry without trolling the entire internet by myself. I follow other writers, agents and publishers. They do a lot of the searching and sifting for me.
  • It reminds me that I am not writing at my computer alone — there are millions (or gazillions) more people tapping away at the keyboard just like me.
I discovered 140 characters can be liberating.

Look me up. I'm @StacyWrites

How do you feel about Twitter? If you don't tweet, what's stopping you?


  1. Some days I love Twitter. Some days, eh, not so much. I have Tweet Deck. My family finds the constant "beeping" noise quite annoying. It's a professional hazard.
    I do like keeping up with more people through Twitter. And I like the brevity. And I really enjoy RTing folks.

  2. Yes the beeps and pings of all the apps can be annoying. I had to uninstall Tweet Deck from my desktop computer. I need to re-install it.

  3. I sort of Tweet, but I love Facebook so much more than Twitter. Maybe because I'm visual? Anyway, I need to get my brain wrapped around it a lot more before I can use it like I ought to.


  4. I like how it forces me to edit and revise to make the 140 characters. I still like the Conan joke about a new site called: YouTwitFace. :)


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