Monday, May 23, 2011

There are stories in the newspaper too

The newspaper used to be for reading.

I used to work at them — another lifetime ago. I know reporters, graphic designers and sales people who worked their butts off daily, weekly and in between to provide a good product to the community.

The economy and technology have played a role in the recent changes in newsrooms. Although my career was in paid circulation newspapers, I find myself reading more free sources these days in digital form.

I used to always say: there is something for everyone in the newspaper — news, people stories, society, births and obituaries, sports and classified ads. A newspaper could inform you and help you find a new cat all in the same issue.

So, with that philosophy, I don't know why it bothers me — downright makes me sad — when I read on coupon sites about people buying up dozens of papers or holding off to purchase a paper based on whether or not the coupons are worth it.

I use coupons and appreciate the extra value when the newspaper has them.

But, I still enjoy the newspaper for its original purpose. I read local and state stories mostly. The Gazette has a number of nice columns and features. Their editorials alternately inspire and infuriate me. So, I think they are doing a good job.

When I see a post where someone says, "I just bought six papers." It saddens me, because people used to do that when their son pitched a no-hitter or their child's name was listed in the honor roll.

Times have changed, but I just want to say: "There are stories in the newspaper too."

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