Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Need ideas: Hop in the shower

A couple weeks ago, a scheduling glitch made me redirect my writing time.

Last month, I evaluated my writing goals and schedule. I decided I need to write — not check emails, not Tweet, not post to Facebook, not read or comment on blogs, etc. — just write during nap time. This practice could give me 30 minutes to three hours of daytime writing.

It works when I follow my plan. Put baby to bed. Crank up the computer. Write.

It doesn't work when I socialize through Facebook, Twitter or check my email — that's a black hole that needs cleaning right now.

It also doesn't work when I get a call that I'm needed to volunteer. I'm stubborn sometimes, well lots of the time. My response: "No, I'm not on the schedule until June 23." Then, it struck me that I should quit protesting and just make it happen — do the work.

Instead of clinging to my friend Mr. No, I said Yes and promised to be there shortly. A few issues delayed my response: the baby was asleep and I sat in my PJs at 11 a.m. and needed a shower before gracing the doors of the church.

A funny thing happened while I got ready. Ideas. They popped into my head faster than I could write them down. In the shower, I tweaked a few for an essay-in-progress on my desktop.

I read a post last week on The Other Side of the Story with Janice Hardy that mentioned showers. Author Myra McEntire shared10 tips/ideas for brainstorming. I could relate to her statement that "the shower is generally the only place I'm alone."

McEntire had a great idea: buy some shower crayons to capture those ideas. On that day, I repeated my ideas until I could find a notebook and pen.

My unexpected morning turned out fine. As soon as I wrote down my notes and got dressed, my son woke up on his own and off we went to volunteer.

Where do you go for your writing ideas?


  1. Shower. Gym. Patio. Supermarket. Beach. Anywhere and everywhere!

  2. Yes. Amy. Anywhere and everywhere.

  3. HiStacy - I have an award for you on my blog! Please stop by.

  4. For me, running is when I get lots of my ideas and where I can often get a breakthrough when I'm stuck.

  5. I need to begin running again. I've been in Colorado for almost a year now, so I think I'm adjusted. I loved my alone time running.


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