Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Roaming

I'm grateful today that my ability to roam the Internet and my inbox saved me from making a mistake.

Yesterday, I talked about the A Story A Day Challenge I completed in May. I thought I would be able to edit my micro stories together to make a sensible story in one day. I tried. I cut, paste and copy lines here and there.

Then, I roamed over to my inbox. In all its purple goodness, the Nelson Literary Agency newsletter stopped me from posting my story.

Kristin Nelson wrote in the newsletter about doing a First Pages workshop at the Backspace conference in New York.

She wrote:
Before the workshop began, I warned the attendees that the chances were good that their pages were not ready for an agent to review. As writers are often optimistic, we forged ahead and my warning proved true. However, I cautioned the writers to not be discouraged. Where they are as writers today is not where they’ll be six months or a year from now. Everyone has the capacity to learn and grow.
I know I'm not submitting my woven "challenge stories" to an agent, but I realized it's not ready for you to read it either. I worked all through morning nap time and through the first hour after the baby fell asleep. And, I realized I need to do more work.

Before talking about her conference warning Kristin Nelson said, the mantra for any aspiring writer should be:  If once rejected, try, try again.

So, while that momentary roaming around my inbox offered me a moment of clarity, I decided to shut down the Internet. I have a story to patch together, so I can properly post it next week. I'm going to try, try again.


  1. Great post! I enjoyed visiting your blog!

  2. Maeve, I'm glad you roamed over to visit.


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