Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writers: A raw look at the dollar signs

On Tuesday, author Ellery Adams bared it all on her agent's blog. She served up a mixture of sobering details and inspiration all at once.

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Adams broke down her career by the numbers: books published, word count, page count, advances as well as money she spends on promotion (25 percent of her advance) and money her publisher provides zero.

It's a great reminder to keep your day job, if you have one. And, that writing and getting published is hard work.

I loved this near the end of Adams' post:
Times I’d trade this life for another — Every time one of my books is released and fails to make the NYT list. And then I get over myself and go right back to work.
I agree with Sharon Bially's comment on the blog: "I hope this post goes viral and boosts your sales!"

So, say thanks, share Adams' blog post with your friends, visit her website or pick up one of her books.


  1. youch, those numbers are painful. It's a good thing I'm not in it for the money...

  2. Lynda the numbers also make me feel very unproductive.


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