Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh, zoo — what about you

We took a family trip to the zoo earlier this month. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has wonderful exhibits and lots of animals. It's on the side of a mountain and has great views of Colorado Springs below.

While Enzo stared at giraffes, lions and prairie dogs for the first time, his parents were a bit jaded.
Enzo checks out an indoor display at the zoo.
At the giraffe exhibit at the zoo, I recalled a visit to another one in Nairobi where Out of Africa author Karen Blixen lived.
The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo allows visitors to feed the giraffe.

I did this in Nairobi.
Looking at the zebras, hubby and I recalled the Zebras in the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti in Tanzania.
A couple of zebra at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
Zebra and wildebeest share a water hole in Tanzania.

The elephants ate lunch at the zoo.
At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
Elephants roaming in Kenya.
Can you tell? I traveled on safari. My husband took a safari vacation too, a few months before me in 2006. I didn't know him then. We had trips of a lifetime. I visited Victoria Falls as well. Hubby climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

I knew when I stared at a mother Leopard and her cubs in Kenya it would be difficult to visit a zoo again. A zoo seems a bit unnatural — so says the lady who invaded a natural habitat in a Land Rover and a zoom lens.

While we stood pondering the elephants in their enclosure, I realized I don't want my safari adventure to hinder my zoo experience with our son. I mean the elephants don't have to worry about predators at the zoo. That's a good thing.

I guess the key is not to compare the zoo with our safari experience. It's not the same. Enzo doesn't know the difference. I didn't until I traveled to Africa. Zoos are a wonderful learning opportunity and less expensive than the "once in a lifetime" trip I took.

Once Enzo gets more interested in the animals, I'm sure the zoo will take on a whole new meaning for our family. I don't want to forget the thrill of seeing the animals in the wild, but I look forward to seeing the world anew through our son's eyes.

A monkey smiles at zoo guests.
Are you a little jaded about something — in life or in your writing? Are you making an effort to change your attitude?


  1. oh wow. I'd love to go on safari in Africa one day. I can see how it wouldn't even come close to comparing to a zoo.

  2. Of course, the zoo is a lot less expensive. :)


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