Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rules of the page

Rules. Rules. Rules. 

As a writer rules dictate how we write, format, edit, query, publish and promote. All the information can make a one's head spin. 

Rules do keep things in order.  Agents encourage us to visit their website for submission rules and guidelines. There are multiple blogs to help you write a query letter or the realities of the publishing business

So, follow the rules. It may save you time from querying an agent, who isn't interested in your genre. And, it may help get your foot in the door, so it can have a larger audience than the dog. 

I found "food for thought" links to share: 
Happy writing.


  1. following submission guidelines is probably the most important rule to adhere to.

  2. Very true Lynda. This seems to be the number one complaint from agents.


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