Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stylish Award: Seven things about me

I'm stylish today. Not because I'm rockin' my muffin top or trying to tan my pale white legs.

Maeve Frazier kindly awarded me this:

Maeve shared fun details about herself and provided links to lots of fun blogs. Maeve is a children's book writer. She writes at LolliPop's Cottage. I've found her posts useful, especially the "Books with Cookies and Milk" series. She shares a book and a cookie recipe. Yummy.

Back to this award thing.

The rules include:
  • Thank and link back to the person giving the award. 
  • Share seven things about yourself. 
  • Award 10 to 15 blogs who you think deserve this award and contact them about the award.
    Seven things about me:
    1. As a kid, I watched a black and white movie where a woman slept in silk pajamas in her bed. Her covers were crisply folded down at her chest with her arms on top. Dracula came into her room and bit her neck. I sleep with my covers around my neck — to prevent vampire bites.

    2. I quit eating red meat around the seventh grade. I don't know why.

    3. I traveled to London, Puerto Rico and Africa by myself, but hate going to the movie theater alone.

    4. I own a Dooney & Burke purse. My twin sister Tracy received it as a prize for her volunteer efforts. She shied away from carrying it, because she didn't want people to think she spent several hundred dollars on a purse. "Sure, I'll use it. Nobody knows me." Plus, it's a basic brown, leather design with no logos. Tracy sent it to me for my (our) 40th birthday. It's been more than a month and I've never used it. Why? "People will think I spent hundreds of dollars on a purse." One day. I will carry it out of the house.

    5. I met my husband Andy through eHarmony. After my late husband died, I hated dating. I met nice and weird people. I tried this site, because it cost money. I thought guys would be more serious, if they paid for the service. My official statement about online dating:  "It worked for us."

    6. I used to be a newspaper editor and reporter. I miss it most days as I lurk around news sites. I don't miss 14-hour work days or typos.

    7. I read each of the Harry Potter books one through six out loud to my late husband Jimmy, while he lived in a nursing home. He died before the seventh book published. I bought it on its release date, but never read it. I put it off and then told myself I can read it when I finish the memoir manuscript. Lately, I think I need to read the book, so I can get on with my writing.

    Oops. I got a bit chatty.

    I'm passing this Stylish Blog Award to:
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    1. Thank you for the award!

    2. Thank you for the award!

    3. Thank you! I'll definitely post this one to my blog.

    4. You rock, and thanks for the mention! I love your seven things. :)

    5. So fun to learn some interesting things about you. And thank you for the award!


    6. congrats on your stylish award.
      #3 is amusing. I was the same--travelled everywhere on my own and yet baulked at the thought of going to the movies alone. So I went to the movies alone and it was fine. I'd still prefer to go with someone though.

    7. Wow! Thank you for the award Stacy. Bless u

    8. Glad to share the award love with everyone and a few quirky details too.

      And, Lynda, I found a discount movie theater that made me change my tune on solo trips to the movies.

    9. Hi Stacy - Sigh! Reading your seven things tugged at my heart! I'm not sure if anyone ever gets over the loss of a loved one yet, I feel that it does help us to love those who do come into our lives (whether spouse or parent) after their passing, without hesitation; savoring each moment we have with them. I am glad I am getting to know you better and so very glad I found your blog! Thank you for the kind things you said. I am looking forward to following your journey to publication! Happy writing. - Maeve

    10. Thanks Maeve. Sounds like you are out of hiding. Yes, we'll see how this journey goes.

    11. I loved learning a few more things about you. #3 totally made me laugh. We all have our "quirks." #7 just about broke my heart, but I'm sure you will know when it's "time" to read the seventh book. <3


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