Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Daily Writing Tips

I use  Daily Writing Tips often.

Posts are on a variety of topics like grammar, spelling and vocabulary. 

Some popular articles include:

That's my random sampling from their home page. 

The team shares its credentials (impressive) on the About page. 

I receive posts by email. They serve as mini-refresher courses. When I have more time or a specific issue, I roam around on the website. 

Where do you find your writing tips?


  1. I like Creative Writing 101 also. In addition, working out in the gym and voila! answers to plot problems, or realization that dialogue needs to change. I love the gym. Bathrooms always help too (the shower - not the toilet, necessarily!).


  2. I'll need to check that site out. Yes, just taking your mind off your story, often leads you to the answer. I read a post last night where a writer used a dive slate in the shower to jot down ideas. It's made for the water.’t-live-without/ I may need to invest in this.

  3. I have them in my Google Reader. I need to keep up with it better than I do!

    Great idea on the dive slate. I keep a pad by the sink, and lean out to write if I'm inspired.


  4. I know Debbie. Lots of good material. Where does the time go? I did like the dive slate idea and very affordable.

  5. Hi Stacy - I love the dive slate idea! I get a lot of inspiration from reading others blogs! - Thanks for the tip.

  6. I know Maeve. That's a great idea.


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