Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Writing While the Rice Boils

Last week, Debbie Maxwell Allen commented on my Thankful Thursday post that she loved the Adventures in Children's Publishing site I mentioned. "Too many helpful sites, too little time. :)," she wrote.

Well, that's why I follow Debbie's site Writing While the Rice Boils:  "Resources for writers with little time and even less money, who are on the journey to publication."

I found Debbie's site through the Pikes Peak Writers member directory. She's very helpful and friendly on her blog and in person. I met her at a writer's conference.

Debbie shares relevant resources available on the Internet and bonus:  I don't have to search for them. Debbie does all that work for us. She reviews books on the writing craft, highlights agents on Fridays and shares a ton of resources.

If you don't follow her regular posts, you can search for a specific topic through the "Looking for a Post?" box in the right hand column.

She also Tweets her posts, so follow her on Twitter  @DebbieMaxAllen

A few recent posts I enjoyed:

If you get a chance, look up her site. Lots of useful resources there.


  1. Writing While the Rice Boils sounds like a wonderful resource spot for writers. Thank you for blogging about it and for the link!

  2. Stacy, you are so sweet! We'll have to get together at a Springs Writers event sometime soon. Thank you so much for the mention!


  3. Thanks for stopping by Helen.
    And, Debbie, yes we should. I love the backstory series you've been doing this week. Family in town, so I've been busy in the real world and skipping a few virtual visits.

  4. Thank you again for your wonderful tips and information that you share.

  5. Thanks for stopping by Maeve. Debbie also writes YA. She placed second in the YA category of the Pikes Peaks Writers Conference contest this past year. Lots of fun resources on her site.

  6. This is what I am talking about Stacy! You never hesitate to share what you know. Thanks again - Maeve

  7. Thanks for the links. I'll definitely look her up.

  8. Hi Stacy - I just finished reading your bio and it touched my heart. It is not only impressive it is heartwarming! It is lovely! Your "bio" shows of a loving, caring and interesting individual, who also has a sense of humor. To me your bio says, "Come meet me, I hope you will walk away with smiles and laughter!" I love your bio. Thanks for allowing me to get to know you. Maeve

  9. Thanks for taking a look Maeve. I appreciate it.

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