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Writers: Are you Social? Q&A with Author Edie Melson

Edie Melson shares writing tips on her The Write Conversation blog. I met her in cyberspace a while back. I took a keen interest in her blog while preparing for a writer’s conference this year. I’ve forwarded multiple links to friends after a conversation about “what to do” in preparation for a conference.

Now, Melson is offering her advice on Social Media in an ebook  Social Marketing for Writers:  How to Blog, Tweet, & Peep Your Way Onto Amazon’s Best Seller’s List available through Kindle  and Nook.

Within a few minutes of seeing a notice that she had a book available, I downloaded it.

Melson offers solid tips in her book just like she does on her blog. She knows how to blog, write, teach, edit and share. Her bio is extensive. In addition to her publishing credits, she is the assistant director of the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writer’s Conference and Southwest Christian Writer’s Studio.

Q & A with Edie:
Edie Melson

Q: Welcome Edie. I enjoyed your book and think it applies to just about anyone who uses or wants to use Social Media. I like how you begin in your book by encouraging people to not take on too much at once. When you talk to writers about using Social Media, what’s the first one they should begin using?

Edie: I encourage writers to begin with Facebook, because it’s a little less intimidating. Then I recommend a Twitter account (and using Tweetdeck immediately) and finally a blog. Doing it this way means the writer is familiar with the tools to get the word out about a blog.

Q: I loved your honesty when answering whether blogging is a good use of a writer’s time. Did you develop your list of how it works and does not work for writers through trial and error in your own writing experience?

Edie: A lot of it was trial and error with me, although I waited to go public with my blog until I felt like I had a solid platform. I’ve worked with hundreds of writers, helping them develop platforms and find a solid niche on the Internet. It’s helped so much to see what did and did NOT work for them.

Q: How did you develop your schedule for how you use Social Media? In the book, you say your schedule allows you "to interact with my readers without sacrificing my writing." 

Edie: I developed my schedule because I was totally overwhelmed. I felt like I was spending all this time on social media and not getting any writing done—which was the reason for starting the social marketing. I found the minimum I could do and still get results.

Q: What mistake do you see writers most often make with Social Media?

Edie: I think they do two things. The first is to be too afraid to try it out. The other is to give up on it too soon. Like anything worthwhile it takes time to see solid results.

Q: I recommend people follow your blog and Tweets, who do you recommend people follow for helpful and reliable information on Social Media? 

Edie: I have several blogs I read every day, and I follow them on Twitter:

Q: Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been trying to update my blog recently and your book has helped me focus on a few future changes.

Edie: Thanks for having me! Our relationship is actually a great example of social networking at its best. You left a comment on my blog and since I didn’t recognize you I clicked on your profile and then visited your blog. I was impressed with what I saw so I signed up for email notification and left you a comment. The rest, as they say, is history.
I love it when things work like they should! You’re a huge blessing and encouragement to me and I’m so glad we’ve been able to get to know each other.


Well, that was too kind of Edie. 

Whether you are new to Social Media or have been using a single or several formats, this book offers good advice to help you improve your journey and get more out of the experience. Please stop by Edie's blog or drop by Social Media Marketing for Writers on Facebook and LIKE her page.

Follow her on Twitter @EdieMelson 

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  1. Stacy, thanks so much for having me on your blog today! I'll be dropping by to visit with your readers and answer any comments. Blessings, E

  2. Edie, Thanks again for sharing more about Social Media and marketing for writers.

  3. Great information! I'm still trying to figure out Twitter. Hopefully, the book will help!


  4. Debbie, I think Twitter will surprise you. It certainly did me - and now it's my favorite way to connect.
    Blessings, E

  5. Great interview. It's always hard to find that balance of time between writing and social media.

  6. Hi, Stacey!
    Edie is one of my favorite people. I know her through My Book Therapy and we met face to face (such fun!) at ACFW last year. She knows her stuff!

  7. Good morning, Edie! Your words and encouragement always inspire me. Congratulations on your book's success!

  8. Thanks for stopping by Debbie, Lynda, Beth and Vonda. And Beth said it right, "Edie knows her stuff!"

  9. Great interview, Staci! I'll have to check out Edie's book and find her online. :)

  10. The minute I saw this book was available, I downloaded it. No exaggeration. Edie knows her stuff. As a matter of fact, I am interviewing Edie on my blog tomorrow. You beat me to it, Stacey!


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