Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I paid more for a Borders book

My family stopped at one of the Borders in town. All the stores are going out of business now. Our stores were spared earlier this year when the company filed bankruptcy. Then, last week the news hit that the remaining stores would close.

My husband and I always enjoyed visiting a Borders in San Antonio, Texas. It was three hours away. I loved its multi-levels and books, books and books. The chain bookstore in our city's mall had shut down.

Then, we moved to a larger town with two Borders. I rarely visited. Why? Well, the Barnes & Noble stores were a little closer. Writing groups also used Barnes & Nobel. Plus, I recently restricted myself from buying books. My "to read" pile is greater than my "finished" pile.

I thought a Borders discount was incentive to buy a few books for me and for Christmas gifts.

I created a wish list of books I would like to add to my collection including authors, who recently led workshops and a few author bloggers I follow. I left the store with one book. My husband left with several regional books on hiking and fishing.

Why only one for me? The store either didn't have the authors I wanted or the discount wasn't good enough yet. Most books were at the 10 percent discount point when I visited.

Here is the book I purchased:
A Message For Julia By Angel Smits
Back in March, the author Angel Smits taught a workshop I attended on novel beginnings. I then missed two book signing opportunities she had in town.

I paid almost $3 more for her book at the going out of business Borders vs. purchasing it from Amazon. However, score! I found a "Signed by the Author" sticker one. It's not the same as showing my appreciation at a signing, but I now have her book.

As we checked out, I was reminded of the You've Got Mail scene where the Shop Around the Corner is closing. People checking out at Borders had similar conversations with the young clerk as those in the movie did with Kathleen Kelly. "It's so sad," a woman told the man behind the register. In the movie, the independent store closed due to a chain bookstore. Now, the chain bookstore is closing due to  ... well lots of reasons.

This pilgrimage for discount books made me wonder if my son will ever have a neighborhood bookstore — where he can hold a book in his hands, crack open the cover and read the first page.

Will you visit a Borders in the coming days or is it just too sad to see another bookstore being dismantled?


  1. I stopped by the Borders and bought three books: one for my daughter that she wanted to finish her favorite series and two copies of the same book to give as gifts. I know I could get them cheaper on Amazon, but ...
    I also stocked up on Papyrus gift cards. I am addicted to those cards!
    And, yes, it was sad to see the store going out of business--but I wasn't surprised. Sad, yes. Surprised, no.

  2. Hi Stacy! I am going to miss Borders book store! I hope to visit Borders store this week to see what I can purchase.

  3. Beth, Wonderful idea on the cards. Hope you found something Anthony. I may stop by this week to see if there is anything else left. I'm always on the hunt for journals.


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