Wednesday, August 10, 2011

MIA: I enjoyed it

Last week, I took a break from writing, social media and routines. I traveled with family to Idaho to visit more family.

My parents flew to Colorado from Georgia. Then, we crossed Wyoming, drove a bit in Utah and found ourselves in the welcoming arms of family in Pocatello, Idaho.
At a Wyoming rest stop with a book (part of a contest) and fuzzy blue bear.

The break from the Internet resulted primarily in my efforts to downsize my stuff. The laptop seemed like a luxury when I had to pack toys, board books and major stuff for my toddler.

My iPhone turned into a camera as I had limited phone service and Internet. Every time I realized my cousins could hook me up to their Wi-Fi, it was time for bed.

Instead of the Internet:

  • I watched my son play with his older cousins. 
  • I talked with family members.
  • I learned more about my cousins.
  • I visited with my aunt and uncle and my mom and dad.

I thought it was a good trade off and had fun doing it. I returned to all my writing projects refreshed.

Just living is nice.

Did you take a break this summer? How did it impact your writing.


  1. Stacy - so nice you got to spend time with your family. Your little boy is beautiful! You are quite the traveler. Breaks are so much help. I took a break and went to Ireland this year, two years ago I went to Alaska. I came back from both ready to go. I have really been polishing up the manuscripts that I have written. So funny, how I look at them now then when I first wrote them. I think the experience and sharing with others have made each one of them better. Hopefully, publishers will think so, too! Thanks for your inspiring posts!

  2. Good luck with the polishing. I found several edit tip posts today. I sent off a picture book manuscript yesterday for a post-retreat distance critique. We'll see how that goes. Thanks for saying the boy is a beauty. We like him very much. He adds a lot of laughs, sparkle and smashed bananas to our lives.

  3. Breaks are essential to refresh the brain. Even though it's winter here in Oz, I'm hankering for a break.

  4. Lynda, I think its fun to take a break in winter (where I live there are fewer tourists too, well at least at non ski resorts).

  5. I took a break after my daughter's wedding. My husband, youngest daughter and I went to Bandon, OR for six days. I had occasional glimpses online just in case my editor needed me (my book's going to print soon) but most of the time I focused on the beach outside my door. Long walks. And more long walks. And naps. And good conversations with friends. I came back refreshed--and wishing it had lasted just a bit longer.

  6. Beth - I'm glad you were able to take a break after the wedding. They can be delightfully stressful & time consuming. Good news about your book. And, I enjoyed the posts about your visit to OR.

  7. As you know, I certainly did take a break (and I so appreciated your comments on my posts while I did so). It's absolutely essential to unplug or at least focus on something else for a while. After all, writers can't write about life if they are not living it actively!

    Glad you had a nice break.

  8. I enjoyed taking a break with you as I read your posts Julie.


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