Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday: The Writing Bug

I found this gem in my inbox the other day:  Waiting to Write by Edna Pontillo.

I said, "That's me." And, re-read and saved it to read again.

Pontillo's piece was published on The Writing Bug:  A blog for those who have caught it. The posts are written by members of the Northern Colorado Writers.

The blog post schedule includes Jenny Sundstedt on Mondays, Kerrie Flanagan on Wednesdays, Brooke Favero on Fridays and a guest blogger on Saturdays.

Recent posts I've enjoyed include:
In addition to these posts, the blog includes links to member blogs including Patricia Stoltey's blog, where she shares "Thoughts about writing, Colorado authors, social networking, and getting published." I followed her blog while in Texas before I ever dreamed of living in Colorado. It's a small world.


  1. Stacy, thanks for sharing. I'll check them out! Hope all is well and you are happy writing!

  2. Stacy--that was delightful! Thank you for sharing. Now I really need to go write. No, wait. One more blog to read ...

  3. Maeve and Beth, I loved the poem. I was traveling last week with very limited Internet service. Sadly little writing, but lots of memories with family. This week, I will be happily writing and working on two submissions. Deadlines will not wait.


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