Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What happened after the "send it?"

I've been seeing lots of post recently about conferences.

Last week's WriteOnCon Conference lives on in cyberspace and in several recap blogs. 

Beth K. Vogt wrote about the upcoming ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) conference this week on her blog In Others' Words. She shared a few tips on some reasonable expectations for this conference. 

The Writers Alley has also been talking about ACFW and conference preparations. I enjoyed this one on how to Design and Conquer: The One Sheet. 

 I had never heard of this one sheet business until I read a post from Edie Melson over at The Write Conversation. She posted a series of ways to get organized and ready for a writer's conference. Go to the search button on her blog and look for them. 

So, this made me wonder. How did your last writer's conference go for you? 
  • Did you get a "send it" or a request for your work? 
  • Did you send it?
  • Are you waiting for a response?
  • Did you rewrite your manuscript?
Care to share your experience?


  1. Stacy, I sent you an award COme on over and grab it!

  2. My last conference was author Susie May Warren's Deep Thinkers Retreat, which wasn't so much pitching as wordsmithing and focusing on craft. (It's excellent! Small group and one-on-one attention.)
    But before that, I'd been to ACFW and pitched my novel, Wish You Were Here. Yes, I got requests. Yes, I sent it--after rewrites. And, no--I got my response and I landed a contract. I am still in the flabbergasted stage, even as I do edits on my debut novel, which comes out in May 2012.
    Can't wait to hear others' stories.

  3. No "send its," but I did revise my queries and send three out the door on Friday after WriteOnCon. Planning to send a few more this week.

  4. Hi, Stacy! A fellow campaigner here! Can you believe I went to a conference, got a "send it," invitation, and then didn't send it!!! I know, foolish, right? Time just got away. Plus, it was a "send it" for all who attended, so it wasn't a personal send it.
    But, I think you should send it, if the (personal) opportunity is there!

  5. Cynthia, I'll stop by.
    Beth, the retreat sounds wonderful. Small groups and one-on-one can't be beat. So happy you are in the flabbergasted stage!
    Julie, congrats on revising queries and sending them out.

  6. Candy, It's funny that you mention that. I think you learn so much at conference that writers can question the quality of their work or at least be overwhelmed. You are not the first I have heard, who didn't send it.

  7. I am going to my first writers conference this september and I am very excited about it. I did WriteOnCon and learned so much. I can't wait to see how this one goes and what happens.

  8. Good luck Abby. I hope you have a great time. I enjoyed WriteOnCon, because no babysitters were involved and PJs were acceptable for the early workshops.

  9. My manuscript wasn't ready for querying the last conference I attended. It's ready now, but my query isn't polished enough yet.

  10. Waaaahaaaaa no send it requests! *sobs hysterically*

    *sniff* *sniff*

    But I vow to live to get a send it request another day. :-)

    I loved WOC too, Stacy. Jammies and no make-up. How cool is that?

  11. Lynda, Isn't it nice to be at a stage where you know it's not ready. Good luck with the polishing. Robyn, it will happen. Writing is sort of like the shampoo directions. Write, revise, write. Repeat.

  12. Thanks for the one sheet link. I have yet to try my hand at one, but it's nice to have some resources!


  13. I haven't made one either, but the one sheet makes a lot of sense.


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