Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A writer knocked on my door

A funny thing happened while my son napped on Tuesday.

I heard a knock on the door. The dogs barked.

It wasn't a salesperson or a missionary from a church.

It was a writer.

Christi stopped by unexpectedly to drop off a book I loaned her. I  had thought about her and wanted to send her an email, but failed to do so. I wanted to see how she was doing, see how that "send it" from the April conference played out and see what she had been up to with her writing.

Christi and I randomly met at a writer's workshop. We met again before conference. Later, we met to get her hooked up with a few Social Media accounts.

During our brief visit, we stood and chatted about the path our writing has taken over the summer. We are both submitting things. She has a finished manuscript. My memoir is incomplete right now. And, I have a few picture book drafts. We talked about the need for a critique group.

She said she's decided she's not into the Social Media stuff. I get that. It can add another layer to writing that doesn't seem writerly. For me, I like the relationships I've found and look forward to the ones I've yet to make.

So, she'll do her thing and I'll do mine. We'll both be fine.

The random visit reminded me of how nice the in-person relationships are too.

When I returned to my computer, I totally forgot what I was doing before I heard the knock. I sent Christi an email with links to the Springs Writers group, so I wouldn't forget my promise to her. Hopefully, I'll see her at one of those meetings this fall.

I'm happy a writer knocked on my door.

Have you had any surprises this week?


  1. Hi Stacy, we have an online critique group if you want to join something else too. Let me know and I'll give you the link. :)

  2. Catherine, I'd be interested. I'll send you a note or email me at

  3. Hi Stacy. How nice to get a surprise visit from a writer. I'm part of a local critique group and one of the others lives just five minutes away. We occasionally drop in on each other, but we also see each other once a month in our meetings. It's so nice to reconnect and catch up on everyone's lives.

  4. Brooke that sounds lovely. Connecting in person is always good.

  5. Hi Stacy - I don't have any writers in my immediate neighborhood :( I would love to have one drop in! But i do belong to a critique group and we try to meet once a month, so at least I get to see some fellow writers then :)

  6. No real surprises. Lots of busyness. In a good way. Enjoying both face to face and virtual relationships. Finding the balance.

  7. Susana. Critique groups are awesome. I think she drove about 20 minutes to drop by. I think there are writers in my neighborhood, but I haven't used by private eye skills to find them.
    Beth, glad you are busy and enjoying those relationships.

  8. I would love it if a writer knocked on my door. I definitely think there is a balance between online and in-person relationships. But I would never give up my online friendships.

  9. Julie, I count you among my online friends. Thanks for stopping by for a chat online.

  10. Stacy, thanks for bebopping to my blog! I'm your newest follower. The best things I've gleaned from writer's conferences haven't been the information (although it was definitely invaluable), but the friends and critique partners!

  11. I agree Cortney — the relationships developed are rewarding and helpful.


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