Monday, September 26, 2011

I am reading

I am reading The Descendants today by Kaui Hart Hemmings. I heard about the novel, because NPR did a report about the upcoming movie version. When I heard some of the descriptions:  "sometimes humorous, sometimes tragic journey," I had to read it.

The book is about a Hawaiian family dealing with the aftermaths of a boating accident that leaves the wife, a fashion model, in a coma. The book is written in present tense and from the point of view of the husband. He's trying to wrangle a 10-year-old wild child daughter, a 17-year-old daughter recovering from drugs and the reality that his wife was having an affair.

The husband, a descendant of Hawaiian royalty and missionaries, handles this while trying to make a decision about what to do with a family trust of land and to follow his wife's wish to be disconnected from life support, if in a persistent vegetative state.

I wanted to read Hemmings book, because my memoir deals with a weighty medical condition. In fact, it depresses some people. So, I'm always searching to see how others present medical situations.

So, I'm reading a dose of fictional dramedy to see if I can learn something.

Do you ever look to fiction for inspiration for a nonfiction project or to nonfiction for a fiction project?

Here's the movie trailer too. George Clooney plays the hapless husband.


  1. I like to read poetry when I'm stuck on fiction, because the language is so evocative. It always gets me dreaming. I'll sometimes just randomly pick an image and see if it'll kick-start whatever scene I'm working on.

  2. Sounds like an interesting book. I'll be curious about what you think when you're done!


  3. @Gail - Poetry is a great idea
    @Debbie - I loved it and provided a little humor into a really sucky situation.

  4. Same here, I love reading poetry. And I'm stuck, so maybe that's what I should do lol. I'd love to write a non-fiction YA but don't have permission and I respect that. I'm perfectly happy with picture books and MG for now :)
    Fictional dramedy sounds awesome! Good luck.

  5. Oh, I just read a George Clooney interview on this--thx for that link!

  6. I listen to music for inspiration. Sometimes just a lyric will do the trick.
    "This is a moment, like any other moment
    Most ordinary, and every day
    One of the millions,of tiny moments
    Strung together, to make a life...
    Laura Hall
    This was the inspiration for my book Searching For My Wand

  7. Sounds like a great read! Please keep us posted. I write only fiction, but I love to read non-fiction.

  8. @Catherine- That's too bad you can't write the nonfiction, but good you have the PB and MG for now. Nonfiction stories really can help people as they see how others survived or handled a situation.
    @Christina - I read some of the Clooney interviews too. I think the movie will be fun too.
    @Bridget- Music is a great source of inspiration.
    @Maeve - It was a wonderful read.

  9. Hi Stacy- I saw the trailer a few weeks ago and wanted to read the book, but of course forgot about it as soon as i left the theater! Thanks for your post and the reminder :) Good luck with your writing!

  10. @Coleen - Thanks. The book was a good read and helped me see how someone else presented an end-of-life issue with a little humor thrown in.

  11. This is probably non-sequitor to your post, but I don't find George Clooney all that believable as a "hapless" cuckolded husband.

    Just sayin... :-)

  12. I know Julie. It will be interesting to see how Clooney pulls it off. After finishing the novel and watching the trailer again, I could see it a little more.


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