Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Redwood's Medical Edge

Instead of writing your character in a corner, have you ever written her into an ER or doctor's office scene. Then, you can't figure out what to do next. Those pesky details.

I ran across a blog that can help — Redwood's Medical Edge - Medical Fact For Your Fiction. The blog written by Jordyn Redwood offers a variety of medical information for your fiction. There is a disclaimer that this is not medical advice.
Jordyn's Twitter bio goes like this:
Suspense writer and pediatric emergency nurse. I run a medical blog for historical and contemporary writers.
Her blog's bio explains her medical credentials. She's an RN. Her novel Lilly's Ashes will be published in spring 2012. She's working on a sequel.
This blog is designed to help both historical and contemporary authors learn methods to write medically accurate fiction. I'll field medical questions, analyze medical scenes, and post on topics that can increase the tension and conflict in any story.
She had guests on her blog to discuss medical issues and will answer medical questions on her blog.
Some recent posts:
I first discovered Jordyn's blog from her post over at the WordServe Water Cooler. Her post talked about Brand Basics. I've been hooked ever since I clicked over to her blog.

If you aren't looking for medical information, take a look at Jordyn's blog anyway. She's a great example of a writer creating a niche blog.


  1. What a great resource, thanks! It's so nice that she does this.

    And woo hoo, I'm follower #100 :D

  2. @Julie, I think it's a fun blog and many thanks for being 100.

  3. What a cool thing, thanks, Stacy. Now, do you know one for police procedures? ;)

  4. Victoria - L.J. Sellers is a suspense/thriller novelist and sometimes writes about police issues. A blog like Crime Fiction Collective be good place to begin. Sorry I don't know of a specific one. Sounds like I need to find that resource. Anyone else know of a police blog?

  5. Sounds like a must read. It reminds me of that book that advises writers of murder novels how to poison people. All very creepy.

  6. I'm amazed how many of my blogging friends are doing all this medical stuff. Great research tips, Stacy!

  7. Wow! This is cool! I had no idea such a resource existed. Now I'm thinking it's time for me to think up a plot idea that will allow me to make use of it :)

  8. Oh Victoria. I'm still searching. Jordyn responded to my tweet for a source with this: I know of two blogs you could go to for police stuff. Lee Lofland: and Mark Young: Another blogger Stacy Green mentioned this site: And Author Pamela Lyne mentioned two WD reference books Police Procedures and Investigations and Crime Writing Reference. Hope that helps. Oh and Writer Unboxed folks mentioned and maybe checking out a citizen's academy or a ride along program to interview a police officer. Good luck.

  9. I know @Rosalind those murder sites are a bit creepy, but you need to write it right. :)
    @Catherine- I think Jordyn is a great resource and so happy I roamed around and found her site.
    @Susanna - I'm seen several PB with hospital and medical themes. I haven't liked any I've seen yet. Lots of YA topics have medical questions/issues. Good luck.

  10. What a fabulous resource, Stacy! I'm bookmarking this post.


  11. Very Cool! Thank you so much Stacy! I'm bookmarking too :-)

  12. Stacy - great information. I don't know how you come up with the ideas for your posts or how you come across these blogs, but I'm glad you do. I love that you share it all with us. I am definitely bookmarking this. Thanks again.

    btw - I have a blog award for you - BLOG ON FIRE AWARD! Your blog is definitely on fire!

  13. Debbie, Christy & Maeve - Glad you will bookmark it for future use!

    Thanks Maeve. I need to respond to all those awards I've received from campaigners next week - seriously.

  14. Thanks Stacy! This is great information.


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