Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Wiggio

Want to work in a group over the Internet, but don't know how?

Wiggio may be your answer.

The site bills itself as "the easiest free way to work in groups."

I've found that to be true through my use of the site with other writers. I discovered the site following an online writer's class.

Wiggio allows you to:
  • Upload and manage files in a shared folder. 
  • Allows you to send email, text and voice messages
  • Created to-do lists and assign tasks
  • Manage a shared calendar
  • Host virtual meetings, conference calls and a chat room.
I use the program to keep in touch with classmates from a memoir course and a writer's retreat program. Wiggio allows membership in multiple groups, which is helpful if you are a member of more than one critique group. 

In the past,  members have set up an online chat allowing writers to exchange ideas, information and updates on his or her work. 

If you don't meet in person with your critique partners, how do you exchange information? Do you have a  special site to communicate?


  1. I'm very lucky to live in an area where there just happens to be quite a few children's writers. We meet up twice a month, once for a crit session and once for lunch and book discussion group. Wiggio does sound interesting though. I might have a little look.

  2. Most of my groups use email, but one of my former groups used Yahoo Groups. This sounds like a good option, though. Thanks for sharing it!


  3. @Rosalind, You are very lucky. I also love the idea that you meet once for crit and another for lunch and discussion. Very nice.
    @Debbie, Yahoo Groups might offer similar functions. Wiggio offers a variety of communication options, which is nice.

  4. I've only used Yahoo Group and Google Groups in the past. What makes Wiggio special? I'm all for easier. Life is hectic enough!

  5. @Brooke - It offers a lot of the same features as Yahoo/Google. I enjoyed using it following an online class, because it offered the same platform to communicate as the classroom environment. You can get daily digests of posts, etc. But, you are also able to schedule live chats among the members. I also like the ease of exchanging information. One writing organization uses Wiggio for the organization's critique groups.

  6. Stacy - I'll check it out. Not sure if I am ready yet to share WIP's over the net! I do like the idea of keeping in touch with others to toss ideas off and give and recieve input.

  7. @Maeve. I understand about sharing material online. I've only used this with people I've been in a classroom setting with and "knew" them before we set up a wiggio group.

  8. Wow, a medium I was unaware of. Thanks Stacy!


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