Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What do you think about the Facebook changes?

I haven't been exploring Facebook all day. I promise.

I finished a small writing project, so I've been MIA here and around the blogosphere.

I popped over to Facebook a few times. The drama was enough to make me turn away. Tons of negative comments appeared in my newsfeed. I guess I can be happy they weren't directed toward a political candidate.

No matter what Facebook does to its site, I promise we will be OK.

It made me wonder how flexible we all are. We claim to enjoy Social Media, but geez — there was a lot of hate for today's changes.

What do you think — can you adjust to the Facebook changes or do you just hate them?


  1. Good question. I've become so accustomed to them changing things that it's almost a surprise to log on and find everything the same. ;) Honestly, I don't think the format is so terribly different from what it was.

    Visiting you by way of Group #53 over at the Campaign!

  2. I'm rather indifferent. People often don't enjoy change. I admin an online forum, and anytime I've had to change something, there has been similar dissension, but they always come around eventually!

  3. Eh, I can adjust. I've been on Facebook for years and have adjusted every time. There's always the same uproar when the changes occur and a few days later it dies down.

    It's annoying when it happens, but hey, it's free :)

  4. @Alana - yes they change a lot. Thanks for stopping by.
    @Shannon - Crazy how people don't want to change. When I worked at newspapers, people went wild when we changed anything.
    @Caitlin - agreed, it's free.


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